Why Republicans are the new punk: Enter the #SABO Universe

“The day I came to love Donald Trump was when I saw how hard he was kicking liberals in the teeth.”==Sabo

Some call him the right wing Banksy, he prefers to describe himself as “the fastest censored street artist in the city of Los Angeles”, whichever way you look at it Sabo is the most inconveniently popular renegade of the guerrilla art movement. Inconvenient that is if you happen to live in Los Angeles, despise Donald Trump and prefer your espresso with a dash of Democrat to go.

I met with Sabo to ask him about being a thorn in the side of political correctness, leftism, accusations of racism and much much more. If you’ve got a thin skin or you really really wish Clinton made it to the White House, or puked into your latte after you saw his most recent artwork (where Sabo sabotaged adverts for Stephen King’s It to tie in with Tucker Carlson’s interview with Caitlyn Jenner in Bill O’Reilly’s old Fox News slot) then you might as well turn away and click onto CNN right about now.

Sabo, to start with when the hell did we all get so damn politically correct?

I believe the whole political correct movement started back in the 80’s out of Harvard. My history might be wrong but remember the story being told that not only were these overly educated retards literally writing the book on political correctness they were hell bent on making the color mix of green and pink cool. … And they succeeded on both counts. I can’t be too far off on my time frame considering Blazing Saddles came out about ten years earlier and that was about the most politically incorrect movie ever. What sucks is there was once a time artists were hell raisers. These days they’re all into cooperatives, socialist communes, being a part of the collective hive. Talk about fuckin’ lame. Back in the day we celebrated the individual. These days that’s a bad word. And believe me it shows in their art and music. The music scene today lacks any soul.

How do you respond to those who openly call you a racist?

Fuck em! I’ve recently graduated from “racist” to “nazi.” Tells you all you need to know about the Left. These are people who’ve never been told that Hitler was a failed artist, a meth head, quite possibly a vegetarian, who believed in socialism. He would have fit right in with today’s Whole Foods shopping hipsters.

Growing up in the South I saw the shotgun shacks black people lived in. I saw how shitty they were treated. My life experiences taught me that work and discipline was the best way out of a bad situation, out of a bad community. I understand the Left’s approach is to coddle their votes, to promise them a free, easy ride just so long as they got your vote in return. Being politicians how surprising is it their promises never pan out. Every Democrat minority community is a crime ridden slum dependent on an all powerful Big Government class. Considering the Left is in complete control of “the narrative” is it any wonder they call people like myself racist when we speak against their policies. I’ll admit I tend to have a rough delivery but again, I’m a believer of tough love. Not to mention it’s simply more entertaining.

I do however make a distinction between a black person and a nigger. No different than Chris Rock made back in the mid-80’s. You can call me racist all day long for stating that but that’s bullshit. Even people in the black community see the distinction between the two.

Do you think Democrats are inherently untrustworthy and hypocritical?

Completely! As I stated above. If black people voted Republican the Democrats wouldn’t give one damn about them. They already don’t. In their struggle for more votes they usher in as many illegal Mexicans across the border who in the end wind up 1. driving down the cost of unskilled labor and 2. take employment opportunities away from legal minorities.

You see the most important thing in the mind of the Leftist is the destruction of Western power and values. Everything has a pecking order and NOTHING is higher than that. An example is their pretending they give a shit about gays. Sadly for gays the support the democrats give them comes below their support for a yet another group of people more hell bent on destroying Western culture, the Muslims. See muslims can throw gays off buildings and the Left wont say a word about it because for now Muslims are doing a little more work trying to destroy the West than are the gays. A pecking order … who or what is most anti-Western rises to the top. It has nothing to do with caring about people from any community. Yes, they are hypocrites.

Whether in the US or elsewhere, when do you think society became so nervous and concerned about what Muslims thought?

I swear to God I’m answering these questions before I even read them. As stated above the Left never gave a damn about Muslims … not until they downed the two largest towers in New York. Muslims are everything the Left has accused Christians of being multiplied ten fold and still they embrace them, because they are significantly anti-Western. The Left figures once Muslims take down the West they’ll them move in to take down the Muslims but not until they’ve done their worst. The muslim faith is a gutter faith based on violence, always has been, always will be.

Many people are still crying into their Cheerios about Trump beating Clinton. Some months on since November, why do think there was such an appetite for something different in the US?

The Left became very comfortable calling anyone who disagrees with them every name in the book, racist, homophobe, xenophobe, misogynist and they got away with it long enough. The good people of this country finally learned to stop caring about bullshit accusations and started fighting back. They picked a champion in Trump who let them know it was alright to not care how the Left felt about them. Hell, even I know the shit they call me half the times makes no sense much less applies. The other half is borderline retarded.

I respect you for not hiding behind anonymity and showing the world exactly who you are and what your work stands for; why do you think the culture seeks to vilify citizens for having an opinion that doesn’t chime with the status quo?

The status quo sucks. It always has. In the 70’s it might have been the Right, today it’s the Left. Same bullshit, different boss. You have to consider today Leftist youth will beat you over the heat with a bicycle lock if you dare speak your mind in a way that they disagree with.

As far as people knowing exactly who I am and what I stand for, I’m not completely on board with that sentiment. I’ve learned the even the closest people to you rarely really know who we are. The important thing is I know who I am. I’m happy with who I am and I don’t hate the guy who looks back at me in the mirror.

Do you think victimhood has become a badge of honour now, whether of your colour or your religion?

I don’t know it I’d call it victimhood. I just know the Left has spent decades dividing us into groups, young vs old, rich vs poor, black vs white, gay vs straight, men vs women, … it never ends. In every group one is the oppressor the other the oppressed. They have it down to an art form and the Left has eaten it up. I’m short, brown, and not very good looking. You don’t see me bitching about the cards I was dealt. I just play them as best I can. Today, after eight years of Obama in office, black people run around like they just left the plantation. I swear to God the only cotton they’ve ever picked was out of their closet and they go on these days like their Master just took a whip to their backs. It’s pathetic. I’m happy Hillary lost because she would have done to Gender Relations what Obama did for Race Relations. Charlie Manson wanted to start a race war, Obama came closer than Manson did. Hell! He still might!

What one piece of work gave you pause, where you thought “Sending this shit out into the world is going to make me enemies for sure?”

I’d say one I did recently, the “IT” bumper sticker and the “IT” poster of Bruce Jenner because I don’t hate gays in any way. I do however disagree with the thought that there’s nothing different or odd about certain sexual behaviors. Shit! if I were gay I’d love the thought of being unique. Obviously I don’t want to get beat up or tossed off a building for it but being different used to be something young kids used to strive for. I’ve know my share of trannies and they’re all nice enough but don’t try to tell me there’s nothing odd about them. Why do you think their suicide rate is so high. And don’t tell me because they get picked on. Many have serious issues and I feel for them. I don’t hate them. So to answer your question, probably that piece.

Finally, which one individual (past or present) have you not created a piece about that is ripe for the Sabo treatment?

Are you serious? There are waaaaaaay too many to list. At almost 50 I’m an old man now so … one thing at a time. Trust me I’ll get to everything on it’s own time. ;) Way too many to name. Pretty much most of Hollywood and those who run social networks.

Learn more about Sabo, grab hold of his merch while it’s still legal and find out why republicans just might be the new punk: http://unsavoryagents.com/




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Saurav Dutt

Saurav Dutt

@GuardianBooks @latimesbooks short-listed Author of 'The Butterfly Room'| Political Columnist @IBTimes @AHTribune @timesofisrael | Featured on @SkyNews @BBC @RT

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